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Method 1: Organization
Thailand has many categories of the juristic person, but the correct juristic person as good as for the foreign investor is the Company Limited and the Public Company. According to the Civil and Code Law (Commercial Law) of Thailand, the foreigners can act to be the Directors or to be CEO of the company which have the right to vote for general meeting or extraordinary meeting of the company. They have two majors of the registration are ;

1. Thai majorities, it is good for joint venture shares not proceeding 49 %for foreigners and not les then 51% for Thai shares holder.

2. The other way is a foreigner majorities shares holder, it's good for the foreign investors who would like to invest or establish the factory for manufacturing products for selling to the local and/or exporting to the world in minimum registering capital. And very special to the Retailer / wholesaler business that if they have registered the company to the minimum amount of capital not less then 100 million Bhat, they have a right to hold the shares of the company up to100 % as free hold by foreigners.        

Method 2: Investment
There has lot of the brass ring for investment, there has rich of national resource, there has lot of workforce and there has enough of in-far structure. Therefore, there is suitableness for investing into the business such the Factories for Heavy duty, IT, Stock Exchange, Telecommunication, Properties, Hotel, Resource, Treading, Import Export, Textile, Fabric, Restaurant, Agricultural products, Transportation, Retailer, Wholesaler, Department store, Etc. However; the investors have a fully right to withdrawal / to sale the shares and geting money back to they own destination by hand carry (must report to Custom), or do transfer by banking transaction.

Method 3: Permission and licenses
According to the Law of Thailand, the business here such as the all kind of Factories for manufacturing, IT, Telecommunication, Transportation, Properties, Hotel, Resource. Restaurant, Import-Export and Agricultural products that need to have permission and/or the licenses before business engagement. 

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